Bob Canaday

861 ‘sold’ transactions in 2009
Integrity Group Realtors, LLC


Bob Canaday has been a full time real estate agent since 1995. He had 861 ‘sold’ transactions in 2009 (#1 in the St. Louis area).


Bob offers full service real estate operations including:


Retail Sales- The high volume of deals generates many buyers to help listings sell in a timely manner. An experienced office and sales staff assist in meeting the needs of both buyers and sellers

Bank Foreclosure Sales- Typically bank foreclosures can be bought well under market value. Customers have been buying these for 4 primary purposes:

        1. To Rent- It is feasible to buy multiple houses which will cash flow $300+/month each. In house contracting and in house property management (Rainbow Contracting, Inc and Top Property Management, LLC) are available to assist investors in remodeling and managing these houses.

        2. To Flip- It is possible to purchase the right type of house, fix it up, and resell it for a $20,000+ profit per house.

        3. To Live In- Many of the bank foreclosures are desirable to occupy as your primary residence. There are many houses available in the $100-200,000 range that have sold a few years back for $50-100,000 more than they are currently selling for. There are also nice houses below $100,000 and great houses above $200,000. Many of these homes can be purchased on a special $100 down payment program

        4. To Have Your Children Live In- Bank foreclosures can be a great way to help your children (18 years or older) get financially established. You can assist your children in getting a fantastic deal on a house with a low down payment. They can live in the house for 2 or more years and then sell with all the profits being TAX FREE!

Property Management- Top Property Management, LLC was started in 2007 and now manages about 250 single family homes. ‘Top’ places tenants and maintains and manages properties. Most rents are government paid. Even after paying the fee to have your property professionally managed, a $300+/month cash flow per house is possible.

Contracting- Rainbow Contracting, Inc was started in 1998. ‘Rainbow’ can do competitively priced renovations and acts as Top Property Management’s contractor for much of the ongoing maintenance work.